I am so excited to be sharing images from K + A’s wedding this morning! They are the sweetest couple and have the best story. They had a beautiful day in Great Falls, with loved ones traveling from all across the country to be with them. There was some major celebrating going on! This couple is so gorgeous, and I so enjoyed spending the day with them.

Hope you enjoy, xx.

Their venue was the Top O’ The Falls Room at the Airport, and this was my first time shooting there. It was so cool! Her Grandma is my favorite lady.Haha!Oh hi K, you’re so pretty. This cake!Congrats you two!

Carla and Jesse had such a gorgeous wedding day at Elkwater! It was so fun sharing in their laughs+smiles+love. They celebrated all day long, and then danced the whole night away!

This couple really is the cutest.

Venue: Elkwater

MUA: Makeup by Dakota

They have so many amazing people in their lives! 

Tyler is so cute in this photo… : )
I love a bride with a nice horse! Aren’t they both gorgeous?


I met up with Katheryn and Austin in downtown Great Falls for a chilly – but lovely – e-sesh. These two photographed AH-mazin. K is gorgeous, like model gorgeous and so easy to photograph. These two are the cutest together, and I can’t wait for their wedding! xx Court

Love spending time with these guys. Best kids ever. 2016-11-21_00032016-11-21_00042016-11-21_00062016-11-21_00092016-11-21_00132016-11-21_00142016-11-21_00172016-11-21_00182016-11-21_00192016-11-21_00202016-11-21_00212016-11-21_00222016-11-21_00242016-11-21_00252016-11-21_00262016-11-21_00302016-11-21_0031She’s such a beauty!2016-11-21_0032He just can’t not be in every photo lol. But that is totally fine! Such cute kids. 2016-11-21_00332016-11-21_00342016-11-21_00352016-11-21_00362016-11-21_00372016-11-21_00382016-11-21_00392016-11-21_00402016-11-21_00412016-11-21_00422016-11-21_00432016-11-21_00442016-11-21_00452016-11-21_00462016-11-21_0047

I am so excited to finally be sharing this wedding! Shelley and Ben were married on the most gorgeous prairie day, complete with one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever shot in. When I say this day was pure perfection, that was partly because it was planned so perfectly, but mostly due to the perfect people that took part. This couple is all grace inside and out, and were a complete pleasure to work with. Shelley has this ability to make you feel immediately loved and welcomed, and I felt right at home. Both Shelley and Ben have amazing families, full of support and love and real smiles. Probably the most generous people I have had the opportunity to meet. Their ceremony and reception was located at the old Empress Train Station, which is lovingly restored. What a venue! Everything from the decorations – to the amazing food – to the cake and cupcakes lovingly made by a dear friend – to the dance on the old platform…all amazing. The caterer went beyond to be sure the food was excellent, driving a distance that morning to pick up fresh Salmon, and it really was honestly one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed! Special thanks to my amazing second shooter T who helped ensure an image was never missed!

Congratulations Shelley and Ben, I wish you much love and such a happy, happy life together. 2016-11-13_0001a2016-11-13_0001b2016-11-13_00022016-11-13_0003Lots of amazing young people in their lives!2016-11-13_00042016-11-13_00052016-11-13_00062016-11-13_0007Ok little cutie!2016-11-13_0008Haha they love their Grandpa.2016-11-13_00092016-11-13_00102016-11-13_00112016-11-13_0015How adorable is this!?2016-11-13_00122016-11-13_00132016-11-13_0014
2016-11-13_00162016-11-13_00172016-11-13_00182016-11-13_00192016-11-13_00202016-11-13_00212016-11-13_00222016-11-13_00232016-11-13_00242016-11-13_0025What a breathtaking venue!
2016-11-13_00262016-11-13_00272016-11-13_00282016-11-13_00292016-11-13_00302016-11-13_00312016-11-13_00322016-11-13_00332016-11-13_00342016-11-13_00352016-11-13_00362016-11-13_00372016-11-13_00382016-11-13_00392016-11-13_00402016-11-13_0041They are blessed with the best kids!2016-11-13_00422016-11-13_00432016-11-13_00442016-11-13_00452016-11-13_00462016-11-13_00472016-11-13_00482016-11-13_00492016-11-13_00502016-11-13_00512016-11-13_00522016-11-13_00532016-11-13_00542016-11-13_00552016-11-13_00562016-11-13_00572016-11-13_00582016-11-13_0059She had me laughing all day…2016-11-13_00602016-11-13_00612016-11-13_00622016-11-13_00632016-11-13_00642016-11-13_00652016-11-13_00662016-11-13_00672016-11-13_00682016-11-13_00692016-11-13_00702016-11-13_00722016-11-13_00732016-11-13_00742016-11-13_00752016-11-13_00762016-11-13_00772016-11-13_00782016-11-13_00792016-11-13_00802016-11-13_00812016-11-13_00822016-11-13_00832016-11-13_00842016-11-13_00852016-11-13_00862016-11-13_00872016-11-13_00882016-11-13_00892016-11-13_00902016-11-13_00912016-11-13_00922016-11-13_00932016-11-13_00942016-11-13_00952016-11-13_00962016-11-13_00972016-11-13_00982016-11-13_00992016-11-13_01002016-11-13_01012016-11-13_01042016-11-13_01052016-11-13_01062016-11-13_0107Two beauties, Chloe and that sky.2016-11-13_01082016-11-13_01092016-11-13_01102016-11-13_01112016-11-13_01122016-11-13_01132016-11-13_01142016-11-13_01152016-11-13_01162016-11-13_01172016-11-13_01182016-11-13_01192016-11-13_01202016-11-13_01212016-11-13_01222016-11-13_01232016-11-13_01242016-11-13_01252016-11-13_01262016-11-13_0127He’s the greatest and she knows it!2016-11-13_01282016-11-13_01292016-11-13_01302016-11-13_01312016-11-13_0132Haha yes that is one way to start the sparklers!2016-11-13_01332016-11-13_01342016-11-13_01352016-11-13_01362016-11-13_01372016-11-13_01382016-11-13_01392016-11-13_0140So much love! Congratulations!! xx