January 21, 2014

this is me


I haven’t blogged in a looooong time. Like really blogged.
Now that things have slowed down – running a photography business is an incredibly imbalanced way of living – and I am no longer in my busy wedding season, I can finally work on some posts from throughout the year. During the summer I am working on editing anywhere from 8-12 sessions at one time. Today? Just one. Thank goodness I snap lots of photos during that busy time so I can look back on them now and remember what was going on around me. I’m not sure I even had one slice of Mom’s saskatoon pie. That’s no way to live.

On the flip-side, my office many days was her kitchen table. I, editing on my laptop. And she, picking over her berries. Together all day talking about nothing. There’s really nothing better than that. Guess it’s a trade off.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

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