April 3, 2014

this is me

New Projects. 30 Days of Selfies.

Ok. So this should be easy for me, but it’s quite the opposite. Recently I have been trying to grow my business and myself as an artist, and have assigned myself little photo projects. I think I have not done one of these since my 365 day project – for obvious reasons. I got really bored with that one, probably because it was too long. So now I have given myself some short goals for the next couple months, and I am very excited about them! While at WPPI last month, I had the opportunity to listen to so many amazing photographers speak. Many of them spoke about posing, and more specifically portraiture. I don’t consider these my strengths, so it makes sense that I practice! I am also a member of the Vivian Maier movement. She was just the most interesting lady, and has the most tremendous body of work. For the month of March I challenged myself to do a self portrait a day, but that didn’t happen. So now it is April, and I will try again : ). I don’t like pictures of myself, and really have only a few. One of my fave photogs, Spanki Mills, often talks about using selfies to get over her insecurities. Let’s hope! I won’t be posting on my blog everyday because that would drive away any readership I do have! I will however use Instagram as my platform, so you can check out more there as the month progresses. If you’re totally bored.
I would have posted this first one last night, but boyfriend and I were busy watching Downton Abbey, and it’s very distracting. I am very into it! Tonight he is gone roping, so I have all evening to blog : ). Is it strange that the two people I am looking to for inspiration for this project are Vivian and his niece Mattlen? Trust me if you knew Mattlen, she is the BOSS of nice selfies. But she is also half my age so I suppose they learn that while in spares at school now. Right? I set out thinking the majority of these would be styled and shot with a tripod and timer, but I can see already that most will be snapshots.

Day 1.

Day 2.

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