August 30, 2016


Shelley + Ben

Shelley and Ben. They are a totally lovely couple. I am sure anyone who knows them agrees. Shelley immediately made me feel so welcome¬†and it felt like I was catching up with an old friend! We met at her family’s farm near Empress. The evening air was filled with mosquitos, thunderclouds, and sweet love. We had a fun night, and I am really looking forward to their wedding!2016-08-26_00022016-08-26_00032016-08-26_00042016-08-26_00052016-08-26_00062016-08-26_00072016-08-26_00082016-08-26_00092016-08-26_00102016-08-26_00112016-08-26_00122016-08-26_00132016-08-26_00142016-08-26_00162016-08-26_00172016-08-26_00182016-08-26_00192016-08-26_00202016-08-26_00212016-08-26_0022Congratulations xx!

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