September 9, 2019


Hi, again.

Social media is a funny thing. In a way it has taken the place of (not replacing, but definitely taking the time of) many things, including my blog. How many outlets do we need to post photos to? When I first began my business, this was the only way to show my work. Then it turned into a personal project. And then life started to get really good, and my focus shifted. It wasn’t intentional, I just sort of, drifted. Combine that with two babies instead of one, and some things had to be let go. But I’m missing this space, and I find myself so excited to be typing up a little entry on this beautiful fall morning! In fact, I’m sure no one will even be seeing my blog anymore, because time. But this feels like home, and I need a visual journal personally anyway, so why not? Almost ten years of my life right here.

I don’t think I’ve even blogged about Case. His dad took these photos, they’re my favorite.

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